Diversity Drum Circles

1st and 3rd Wednesdays

of the month


Admission is $15

The Manitoba Electrical Museum hosts the
drop-in Diversity Drum Circle.


The Diversity integrative community drum circle provides an opportunity to participate in a uniquely uplifting and energizing experience drumming with others. 


Hear the beat of the drum as it calls to you and welcomes you to the circle. Feel the beat and join in the rhythms as you release yourself from the stresses and demands of the day and connect with yourself and a supportive community.

Their objective is for everyone to have fun, feel included and explore their own creativity while connecting with others doing the same. 

Drums and percussion instruments included.

Pre-registration is required at their home page or DM them on their Facebook page.

Craft With Us!

July - September 2, 2022

There's summer fun at the Manitoba Electrical Museum!


On Fridays until the first week of September during our opening hours of 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, we will have Craft With Us! Instead of following instructions on a piece of paper, join Manisha in creating our


Each Friday will be a different craft, so come on by to craft with us!

All That Glows

The Manitoba Electrical Museum & Education Centre, located at 680 Harrow Street is proud to present “All That Glows” an annual exhibit of holiday lights.


The exhibit educates visitors on the ways Christmas lighting and decorations have been revolutionized since the practice first began in the 1880s. You’ll learn, for example, how Christmas trees were lit in homes that weren’t yet wired for electricity.


The exhibition has a “local” feel, focusing on the history of electronic innovations in the Manitoba province. The museum is centrally located with free parking.