Events & Rentals

Event Rentals

The Manitoba Electrical Museum has a great space that can be rented for private family or business events. Past occasions include business and community meetings, parties, and memorial services.


Renters have access to the entire museum, if arranged, including the Gallery for private tours. You also get access to a great space in a unique environment, in a central location with free parking.


For more info and rates and availability call the Museum Administrator at 204-360-7901.

All That Glows

The Manitoba Electrical Museum & Education Centre, located at 680 Harrow Street is proud to present “All That Glows” an annual exhibit of holiday lights.


The exhibit educates visitors on the ways Christmas lighting and decorations have been revolutionized since the practice first began in the 1880s. You’ll learn, for example, how Christmas trees were lit in homes that weren’t yet wired for electricity.


The exhibition has a “local” feel, focusing on the history of electronic innovations in the Manitoba province, which makes it particularly appealing to international travelers. The museum is centrally located with free parking.